Art Lessons Plano


Katerina Paletykina Studying at Ermitage Art Academy for five years has broadened my knowledge in the arts and culture. Mikhail Dimov is an excellent instructor who introduces varied spectrums and genres of art. The studio exposed me not only to classical, European painting, but also to abstract art and sculpture, and most importantly to my own growth of creativity. By completing the program I obtained a strong portfolio that allowed me to be admitted to some of the top art schools in the nation, School of the Art Institute of Chicago and Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA). With Mikhail Dimov’s instruction I was able to compete in statewide competitions such as VASE and The Sam Johnson 2009 Congressional Art Contest for the Third District of Texas, receiving high honor medals and showing my work in The House of Representatives in Washington D.C!

—Katerina Paletykina

Julia Kerwin Before taking classes from Mikhail, I was unsure of whether or not I wanted to pursue art after high school, but the time spent in his class encouraged me to study art in college and build a strong portfolio for applications. Thanks to my development as an artist under his instruction, I was accepted into a number of renowned art programs throughout the country. I received an excellent scholarship to Northeastern University to study Studio Art in a joint program with the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. The work that I made and the things that I learned in Mikhail’s class made art not just a hobby, but a huge part of my future. As I near the end of my studies in Plano and prepare to move to college to continue art, my only regret is that I did not begin lessons with Mikhail sooner. Thank you for everything!

—Julia Kerwin

My name is Anya Shakhmeyster and I am about to start my fourth and final year at the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) in New York City. I am majoring in fashion design with a specialization is men’s sportswear and am about to start an internship with an exciting company in NY. I would not have attained all of these goals if it had not been for my time spent in Mikhail’s art classes and portfolio preparation. The fantastic thing about Mikhail’s classes is how personalized and one-on-one they are; he really takes the time to understand each student and their different likes and talents. With love for art as the base in addition to a good grasp of basic anatomy, drawing, and painting with several different mediums the student (with Mikhail’s guidance and teaching) is able to further his/her artistic desires in any way they imagine possible. Since I knew I wanted to be a designer, Mikhail had me do a lot of figure drawing, drapery, and compositions. My portfolio was full of exciting works that resulted in my acceptance into FIT (Fashion Institute of Technology) and followed up with a merit-based scholarship. Thanks Mikhail, I could never have done it without you!

—Anya Shakhmeyster

Zarina Karapetyan My name is Zarina Karapetyan, and I have been with Mikhail Dimov’s studio for over 5 years. It has been an extraordinary experience for me and it has given me an overall edge over all other artists my age because of his teaching. I had been very interested in art at a young age, and starting in Mikhail’s class my talents progressed very quickly. Learning basics, drawing, shading, paintings, and then progressing into more personal work with Mr. Dimov guiding me throughout every project has been very helpful. He shows you every step into making a piece look great or he shows you every direction you need to go to really be an artist. He teaches you color theory, composition, and how to apply the fundamentals of art into your own personal works. Field trips with all the students also take place in his class, which is good for all of the students to come together and visit different museums and learn from the best of the artists. Not only is Mr. Dimov a great teacher but he’s a great person as well. He is incredibly passionate about his work and his teaching, which is incredibly inspiring. I have learned so much about art in his class, and that’s why I will be continuing his class throughout college and after.

—Zarina Karapetyan

Student Exhibitions:
2011-P Family Arts Center, Plano, TX
2005-10-HEARD Natural Science Museum & Wildlife Sanctuary, McKinney, TX
2007-Plano Courtyard Theater, Plano, TX
2003-Richardson Public Library, Richardson, TX
2001-02-Art center of Plano, Plano, TX
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