Art Lessons Plano

Ermitage Art Academy focuses on providing a solid foundation based on classical, academic education and offers a nurturing environment for learning, freedom, and play.

Mikhail Dimov founded Ermitage Art Academy in 1998. With a flexible class schedule and small class size (3-5 students), each student‚s curriculum is personally developed based on the individual‚s experience, needs, and creative path. The amount of personal attention devoted to each student makes Ermitage so very unique.

The students‚ training consists of painting and drawing from observation, from classical art, working in plain air, experimenting with 2D and 3D media, and visiting museums and exhibitions. Students acquire a thorough knowledge of anatomy, composition, and design. Apart from technical and professional skills, Mikhail helps the students discover their own unique talents and a personal artistic direction. Acting as mentor and guide, he encourages them to trust themselves and the creative process, and to strive toward their highest potential and see beauty in all aspects of life.

Mikhail broadens the learning experience by taking his students out of the studio and into museums and galleries. This exposes the students to real and new artwork, allowing them to not only learn from it, but also to see themselves as part of the art world, as part of a greater community and lineage of artists.

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